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How to Maintain and Care for Your Solid Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets?

Installing and maintaining your recently built new roof is always challenging. You undoubtedly want to maintain the perfect appearance of your roof. The most popular and durable roofing solution that is trending in the market is polycarbonate sheets. It comes in several varieties, including multiwall, Multicell, and solid polycarbonate roofing sheets. Indeed, these panels are a common alternative to glass in glazing applications because of their attractive appearance and ability to transmit light. As with all glazing materials, polycarbonate sheets need regular cleaning and maintenance to increase longevity.

The rate of deterioration for polycarbonate sheets used for outdoor applications such as roofing and patios is influenced by variables such as the local climate, altitude, location, environmental pollutants, etc. Thus, you must adhere to certain fundamental cleaning and maintenance instructions for polycarbonate to keep it shining and safeguard the UV coating on the panel. Following are some washing instructions for polycarbonate panels.

Always Use a Sponge or Moist Cloth

Treat polycarbonate sheets gently because they are not scratch-resistant. Consider washing it as you would clean your favourite car. To remove the dirt and dust, use a soft cloth or sponge rather than an abrasive item. Small scratches on surfaces caused by a dry cloth or sponge might make cleaning difficult since dirt can get into these scratches.

Utilise a Gentle Detergent

When cleaning polycarbonate roofing sheets, use lukewarm water with a few drops of detergent. Also, as mentioned above, clean gently by using a microfiber cloth. Fill your bucket with lots of water to rinse the cloth frequently. As a result, the polycarbonate is protected from dust and grit scratches. 

Regularly Clean Polycarbonate

It is always recommended to clean polycarbonate frequently. This does not mean that you have to do it once a year. Clean the panels when you see any clogged dirt or heavy deposits because they can deteriorate or discolour the material. 

AVOID Cleaning Polycarbonate in the Rain

Before treating the panels with Burnus anti-static cleaner, the material needs to be completely dry. This stops them from grabbing dirt right away. Even though it may seem obvious, before cleaning polycarbonate, check the weather forecast.

Clear the Debris

On your polycarbonate roof, twigs and other types of debris can accumulate. Make sure to take them off before washing your roof because doing so makes cleaning simpler and reduces the likelihood of harming the surface. To avoid scratching the surface, sweep the trash with a soft touch and constant pressure. You can be certain you won’t even scrape the surface. Don’t worry if you don’t have a leaf blower or pressurised water hose; a broom will work just fine. 

Make Your Roof more Durable and Functional

Now, it’s time to get to work, and you know how to care for and clean your roofing panels. Also, instead of doing it by yourself, you can hire professionals. 

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