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About us

When Roofing Excellence Met Unmatched Craftsmanship

Coxwell excels in delivering top-notch, cutting-edge roofing solutions that cater to our customers' varied requirements. Backed by extensive industry expertise, we have established ourselves as a reputable and dependable brand synonymous with superior craftsmanship, unwavering reliability, and utmost client contentment.

Our expertise

Durable Innovations: Polycarbonate Excellence

We specialize in providing high-quality polycarbonate roofing sheets and systems tailored to your project requirements.

Committed to relentless innovation, we create roofing solutions that harmonize functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability for superior all-weather performance.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our sales and support team provides personalized assistance for unique projects, delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

Promoting sustainability through eco-friendly manufacturing, sourcing, and energy-efficient, recyclable products for greener building practices.

Core Values

The guiding stars that shape our actions and define our character.


Combining strength with lightweight design, Multicell panels offer easier installation.


Loyalty and duty towards the mission, team, and self.


Ability to perform a role with minimal guidance, solving your own problem.


Treat your colleagues, clients and everyone with the utmost respect, funny banter is cool.


Never giving up, ability to keep going.


Ability to take a punch and not fold.


Always be a team player.


Strive to innovate.

The process


Research and Development

We pioneer roofing innovation through extensive research, exploring new materials, technologies, and design concepts that surpass industry standards.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our priority is customer satisfaction, offering exceptional service throughout, with knowledgeable and responsive sales representatives assisting roofing inquiries.

Customized Solutions

We closely collaborate with architects, contractors, and homeowners, tailoring roofing solutions to their specific needs and bringing their visions to life.

Trusted Partnerships

By fostering lasting partnerships with architects, contractors, and suppliers, we prioritize trust, transparency, and shared success. Through close collaboration, we achieve flawless project execution and exceptional results.

Team Members

Our team is a dynamic and dedicated group, committed to delivering exceptional results through collaboration and innovation.


1005, 10 floor, JMD Regent Square, MG Road, Gurugram

Sri Lanka

United Arab Emirates


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