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Introducing Xfix, the revolutionary polycarbonate roofing system designed to deliver superior strength, durability, and energy efficiency for commercial applications.

About Xfix

Revolutionary Interlocking Design

With its advanced seven-layer, five-wall interlocking design, Xfix sets a new industry standard, offering maximum impact resistance and exceptional performance in the face of even the harshest weather conditions.


Advanced Polycarbonate Roofing Solution

Xfix, the advanced polycarbonate roofing system offering exceptional light transmission and heat blocking capabilities. By harnessing natural daylight, Xfix reduces energy costs while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Its lightweight composition simplifies transportation and installation, saving time and labor costs. Backed by a 10-year warranty, Xfix ensures lasting performance and protection against weathering.

Advantages of Xfix

Unlocking opportunities, maximizing potential, and paving the way to success.

Light transmission

60-80% light transmission, enhancing interior spaces with natural light.

Panel Dimensions

900mm x 11.8 mtr.


Blocks heat, maintains light transmission with low U-value (1.5 W/m²K).

Fire Rating

Xfix holds a Class A fire rating (ASTM E84), ensuring superior fire resistance.

Panel Thickness

16mm, 20mm, and 25mm thicknesses for versatile project needs.


ISO 9001 certified, LEED contributor. Quality and sustainability assured.

Multiple Options

Xfix in Multiple Sizes

Coxwell X-Fix™ in 16mm, 20mm, and 25mm thicknesses panel systems consisting of Seven-layer, five-wall interlocking system for maximum impact resistance and durability. Xfix panels are available in standard sizes of 3 ft x 8 ft, 3 ft x 12 ft, and 3 ft x 16 ft. Custom sizes can be accommodated upon request.


6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm


0.9 x 11.8 meters

Cells & Walls

Seven-layer, five-wall


1.5 W/m²K

Sheet Thickness 6mm to 12mm (X-fix)

Coxwell Brochure

Download coxwell brochure to get complete information on our current products, upcoming products, accessories, specifications and installation process.

General Properties

Personalize Your XFix Panels to Fit Your Exact Requirements

Unlock the power of customization with Xfix: Harnessing its general properties to create tailored solutions.


/ Exceptional Durability

Unbeatable strength with a seven-layer, five-wall interlocking system. Shield your commercial building from harsh weather. Trust in long-lasting reliability and peace of mind.


/ Energy and Cost efficiency

Exceptional light transmission and heat-blocking capabilities. Harness natural daylight, reduce energy costs, and enhance indoor comfort.


/ Lightweight Design

Lightweight design simplifies transportation and installation, saving time, labor, and logistics costs. Optimize efficiency without compromising performance or durability.


/ Versatile Design Options

Achieve desired lighting ambiance through transparent or translucent panels. Benefit from enhanced durability with one or two-side UV resistance against harmful rays.

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