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Pathways School Gurugram

Project Brief

Project Overview:

Project Name: Pathways School Gurugram

Location: Aravali, Gurgaon

Product Used: 16mm Multicell, Blue Polycarbonate Panels

Description of Project: Installation of a Polycarbonate Roof for the school’s swimming pool.

The Need:

The Pathways School Gurugram, located in the serene Aravali region of Gurgaon, sought to enhance its swimming pool facility for the benefit of students and visitors. The primary requirements were as follows:

Lightweight Solution: The client wanted a roofing solution that was lightweight to ensure structural integrity and safety.

Heat Reduction: Given the local climate, there was a need to reduce heat buildup within the swimming pool area to ensure comfortable swimming conditions.

Soft and Natural Lighting: The client desired a roofing material that could provide soft, diffused natural lighting to create a pleasant ambiance for swimmers.

The Coxwell Solution:

After careful assessment and consultation, Coxwell Polycarbonate Solutions proposed the installation of a 16mm Multicell, Blue Polycarbonate Roof. Key features of the selected solution included:

16mm Thickness: The thickness provided excellent durability and structural support while keeping the structure lightweight.

Blue Anti-Glare Coating: The blue color was chosen for its ability to reduce glare and create a soothing, visually appealing environment within the swimming pool area.

Heat Reduction: The polycarbonate panels were designed to block a significant portion of harmful UV rays, reducing heat buildup while still allowing ample natural light.


The installation of the 16mm Blue Anti-Glare Polycarbonate Roof at Pathways School Gurugram’s swimming pool yielded remarkable results:

Enhanced Aesthetics: The blue-tinted panels added a touch of elegance and aesthetics to the swimming pool area, creating a more inviting atmosphere for swimmers and visitors.

Improved Comfort: The reduction in heat and glare significantly improved the comfort level for swimmers, making the pool area more enjoyable throughout the year, even during the scorching summer months.

Energy Efficiency: By allowing ample natural light to penetrate the area during the day, the school reduced its reliance on artificial lighting, resulting in energy savings.

Durability: The 16mm Multicell Polycarbonate panels proved to be exceptionally durable, standing up to the test of time and providing a long-lasting roofing solution for the school.

Positive Feedback: The school administration, students, and visitors all provided positive feedback about the newly renovated swimming pool area, highlighting its improved functionality and aesthetics.

In conclusion, the successful implementation of Coxwell’s 16mm Blue Anti-Glare Polycarbonate Roofing solution transformed the swimming pool at Pathways School Gurugram into a comfortable, visually appealing, and energy-efficient space. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of polycarbonate roofing in addressing the specific needs of clients in diverse architectural projects.

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