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Manipur Olympian Park- A Volt Skylight Structure.

Project Brief

Coxwell Skylight Solution for the Manipur Olympian Park Project

The Manipur Government’s project to create a public park in honor of the state’s Olympians was executed by Keystone Infra Pvt. Ltd under Manipur Police Housing Corporation Ltd. Coxwell, an architectural solutions provider, was brought in to build the skylight for the park, covering an area of 16.11 acres in three phases.

Manipur has a rich history of producing Olympians, with 19 athletes from the state having participated in the Olympic Games so far. The Manipur Government wanted to create a public park that would honor these Olympians and provide a space for the community to come together to celebrate their achievements. To meet the client’s requirements for waterproofing, aesthetic design, ease and speed of installation, light weight, quality diffused sunlight, and savings on HVAC costs, Coxwell proposed a 22mm Multicell Panel for the area of 1800sqm.

Coxwell approach to the project was meticulous. The team studied the requirements and visited the site for inspection before creating various load models and proposing the 22mm Multicell Panel solution. The proposed skylight solution consisted of a high-quality Multicell Panel that met all of the client’s requirements. The skylight was designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, with a waterproof system that would ensure the park remains accessible even during the rainy season.

The end result was a stunning skylight that added to the overall beauty of the park. The panel had an opal and blue color that provided a very pleasing look to the building envelope. The skylight also reduced the HVAC cost by 30%, which was a significant cost saving for the client.

The use of Multicell Panel allowed for easy and fast installation, and the lightweight nature of the panel meant that it did not add unnecessary load to the building structure. The quality diffused sunlight that the panel allowed for was perfect for the park’s needs, as it created a bright and inviting environment for visitors.

Coxwell skylight solution for the Manipur Olympian Park project was a success. The skylight met all of the client’s requirements, providing a waterproof system, aesthetically pleasing design, easy and fast installation, light weight, quality diffused sunlight, and significant savings on HVAC costs. Coxwell approach to the project, which included site inspection and detailed shop drawings, ensured that the project was executed with precision and resulted in a beautiful and functional skylight that added value to the overall project.

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