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Multicell Panel System

Multicell stands as an advanced polycarbonate panel system meticulously crafted for roofing and cladding applications. With its exceptional array of benefits and distinctive advantages, Multicell unquestionably differentiates itself from competing options, delivering superior performance and a touch of professional excellence.

About Multicell

Premium-Grade Multicell Panels

Crafted from premium-grade polycarbonate material, Multicell panels epitomize durability and impact resistance. Boasting a cellular structure with interconnected ribs, these panels form insulating air gaps that minimize thermal transfer and optimize energy efficiency. With a diverse range of colors, finishes, and structures, they effortlessly cater to diverse design specifications.


Exceptional Interlocking Fixing System

Engineered to withstand thermal expansion and contraction, Multicell panels guarantee long-term system integrity by mitigating the risk of cracks or damage caused by temperature fluctuations. The panels incorporate an exceptional interlocking fixing system, utilizing a polycarbonate connector for a secure and seamless fit. This innovative solution not only enhances structural integrity but also streamlines installation, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Advantages of Multicell Panel Systems

Unlocking opportunities, maximizing potential, and paving the way to success.

Lightweight and Easy to install

Combining strength with lightweight design, Multicell panels offer easier installation.

Natural Light and Thermal Insulation

Multicell panels ensure well lit-interiors, while optimising thermal insulation.

Leak-Proof and Weather Resistant

Weather-resistant Multicell panels ensure leak-proof performance, safeguarding roofing and cladding.

Structural Strength and Load Resistance

With exceptional strength, Multicell panels endure high loads,while providing structural support.

Accommodates Thermal Expansion and Contraction

Multicell panels adapt to thermal changes, safeguarding system damage caused by temperature fluctuations.

Fixing System

Multicell's interlocking fixing system ensures secure installation, saving time and costs.

Multiple Options

Multicell Panel Systems in Multiple Sizes

Coxwell Multicell™ 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm are four panel systems consisting of 3 cells and 4 walls polycarbonate panels with UV protection. The panels are joined together using a protected polycarbonate or aluminium cover profile assembled using a click-on system to ensure a perfectly watertight seal.


6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm


0.9X11.8 meters

Cells & Walls

3 cells and 4 walls

Unique Value

interlocking fixing system, thermal expansion and contraction

Sheet Thickness 6mm to 12mm(3cell-4walls)

Coxwell Multicell™ in 14,16, 20, 22, 25, 30mm thickness are six-panel systems consisting of 6 wall polycarbonate. We can supply 18,25 & 30mm on demand. The panels are joined together using a protected polycarbonate or aluminium cover profile assembled using a click-on system to ensure a perfect watertight seal.


14,16, 20, 22 mm


0.9X11.8 meters

Cells & Walls


Unique Value

interlocking fixing system, thermal expansion and contraction

Sheet Thickness 16mm to 22mm(5cell-6walls)

Coxwell Brochure

Download coxwell brochure to get complete information on our current products, upcoming products, accessories, specifications and installation process.

General Properties

General Properties of Multicell with Customisation Options

Unlock the power of customization with Multicell: harnessing its general properties to create tailored solutions.


/ Infrared

The control of the temperature and heat management are essential elements in maintaining the desired comfort level within buildings. They are also critical elements for cost control and to maximise energy savings.


/ Anti-glare

A special co-extruded finish that eases the strain on the eyes from the glare of the sun. Antiglare finishing greatly diminishes glare effects. It is a 100% permanent matt finish applied by co-extrusion on Coxwell Multicell panels of any thickness and color


/ D – UV Both side

The protective layer prevents damage from UV radiation by special co-extrusion resulting in better optical properties for an extended period and having Better Life.


/ Reflective Panels

The exterior surface has a heat reflective layer that deflects much of the sun's heat before entering the building. With an interior side manufactured with a unique finish, it has distinct advantages at night with its ceiling reflective surface for artificial lighting.

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