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Feel the Natural Atmosphere with Our Polycarbonate Roofing Solutions
While Preparing for Your Future

Transforming Educational Spaces with Advanced Roofing Technology

Brighten Classrooms with Natural Light

Our polycarbonate solutions offer high-impact, durable sheets and lightweight panels for easy installation. Available in various finishes and colors, they provide aesthetic flexibility, while our eco-friendly options support sustainable construction. Additionally, our materials are fire-resistant and UV-protected, ensuring safety and longevity in your projects.

Why should a Schools choose
Coxwell over other options

Unlock the power of customization with Multicell: harnessing its general properties to
create tailored solutions.

01 / Durable and Safe

The control of the temperature and heat management are essential elements in maintaining the desired comfort level within buildings. They are also critical elements for cost control and to maximise energy savings.

02 / Eco-Friendly

A special co-extruded finish that eases the strain on the eyes from the glare of the sun. Antiglare finishing greatly diminishes glare effects. It is a 100% permanent matt finish applied by co- extrusion on Coxwell Multicell panels of any thickness and color

03 / Efficient Insulation

The protective layer prevents damage from UV radiation by special co- extrusion resulting in better optical properties for an extended period and having Better Life.

04 / Easy Installation

Explain About long term Benefits layer that deflects much of the sun’s heat before entering the building. With an interior side manufactured with a unique finish, it has distinct advantages at night with its ceiling reflective surface for artificial lighting.

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