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Oman Telecom Tower – Polycarbonate Roofing for Vertical Facade

Project Overview:

Project Name: Oman Telecom Tower, Saudi Arabia
Product Used: 16mm Multicell, Opal Polycarbonate Panels (300 sq.mtr.)
Architect: Ramboll
Project Type: Vertical Facade, Covering Telecom Frame

The Challenge:

Oman Telecom sought a distinctive solution for their tower in Saudi Arabia, aiming to blend functionality with aesthetics. The primary requirements were:

Vertical Facade: Covering the Telecom Tower frame vertically with a solution that reflects modernity.
Branding Integration: Showcasing the company’s branding using LED lights on the polycarbonate panels.
Supervised Installation: Ensuring precise installation of the polycarbonate sheets by providing hands-on supervision to the vendor’s installing team.

The Coxwell Solution:

Coxwell played a pivotal role in providing an effective solution:

16mm Multicell, Opal Panels: Selected for their opal tint, these panels offered a blend of translucency and privacy, ideal for the vertical facade. The opal panels served as a canvas for showcasing the telecom company’s branding with integrated LED lights.
Vendor Collaboration: Coxwell provided the polycarbonate sheets to the vendor responsible for covering the Telecom Tower frame. The collaboration ensured the seamless integration of the panels into the overall project.

Implementation Process:

Detailed Planning: Coxwell collaborated with Ramboll and the vendor to meticulously plan the integration of polycarbonate panels into the vertical facade.
Branding Integration: LED lights were strategically placed on the panels to illuminate the company’s branding, creating a visually striking effect against the opal background.
Supervised Installation: Coxwell’s experts provided on-site supervision to the vendor’s installing team, ensuring the correct installation method for optimal performance.


The implementation of Coxwell’s polycarbonate solution for Oman Telecom Tower’s vertical facade yielded significant results:

Aesthetic Appeal: The opal panels with integrated LED lights enhanced the tower’s visual appeal, especially during nighttime, making it a landmark in the Saudi Arabian skyline.
Branding Excellence: The transparent opal panels effectively showcased the company’s branding, creating a unique and dynamic presence for Oman Telecom.
Functional Transparency: The 16mm Multicell, Opal panels provided the desired level of transparency and privacy, creating an effective covering for the Telecom Tower frame.
Efficient Installation: Coxwell’s supervised installation approach ensured a smooth and efficient process, meeting project timelines and quality standards.

This case study exemplifies the successful collaboration between Coxwell, Ramboll, and the vendor, showcasing how polycarbonate panels can be utilized for both functional and aesthetic enhancements in vertical facades. The Oman Telecom Tower now stands as a testament to the innovative use of materials in modern architecture.

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